My Recordings


My friend Emmy and I, as The Firefly Brass Duo, had this piece of music commissioned especially for us in 2021, by Green Bay (WI) composer Michelle McQuade Dewhirst.

When COVID had us all quarantined, many musicians wanted to keep performing despite being able to do so in-person. This is an arrangement I was a part of with brass players from all over the country, around 12/31/20.

As a Soloist

Cello Suite No. 3, Bouree II / J.S. Bach


Arioso / J.S. Bach

(My personal interpretation, a little different than most classical versions).

Dream a Little Dream of Me / The Real Book

Coming Soon: Vocal Recordings

Until then, here is an unsolicited testimonial from a musician I work with in my live music business. I have sung at only one WMV event/open mic, and yes – Ben Mulwana happened to be there.

MULWANA: So I met Allison over at an open mic up in Milwaukee at Bottle House 42. I was just trying to get into the Milwaukee scene; I’d been playing in the Kenosha area for the last few years and Milwaukee was one of those places I really wanted to play but I just didn’t know anyone, so I started going to open mics like Linneman’s Riverwest Inn. Then I just started looking for any open mic that I could find, so I ended up at Bottle House 42 and I happened to run into Allison. She told me about Wisconsin Music Ventures and I was hoping it’d help open more doors for me, and it did. She and Bruce have been amazing.

SLOWEY: Right on, that’s awesome! I’d say you did all the right things to get into the scene. Allison’s good to have around too.

MULWANA: I’ve heard her sing too, and I was blown away. She’s got some vocals, like she’s really good.

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