About Me

Hello! My name is Allison. I’m a musician and teacher from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

I've been teaching private piano and horn lessons since 2008, and I direct a number of youth and adult ensembles in the Milwaukee area.

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Prospective Students

Encouraging young people to study music is an extreme passion of mine. I have been teaching privately for over a decade now, and cannot imagine a life without doing so.

I strive to instill a sense of independent musicianship, self-discipline and a life-long appreciation for the arts in each person I work with.

Continue on to find out what student ages I typically work with, parent testimonials and more regarding my piano and horn background.

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Recent Blog Posts

Headed to Camp LuWiSoMo

I’m looking forward to being on staff at Camp LuWiSoMo’s band camp this year! It will be an honor to work with students at the camp I attended as a youth, myself.

On Resilience

Be Resilient. 

It’s the fourth term I recommend musicians carry along with them; and as creative, sometimes emotional types, it might be one of the most difficult to grasp.

Showin’ the Quintet Some Love

I’ve been carrying around the photo pictured – yes, a real live printed photograph that someone actually handed to me – in my purse, for probably a month now.

Since I’m not used to actually having real live photographs, I must’ve forgotten about it. I saw it there today, and thought “man, this is worth a blog post.”