Hello! I’m Allison.

I’m a musician and teacher from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

I've been teaching private piano and horn lessons since 2008, and I direct a number of youth and adult ensembles in the Milwaukee area.

Continue on to find out how I got started as a private music teacher, view my bio and other information.

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Prospective Students

Encouraging young people to study music is an extreme passion of mine. I have been teaching privately for over a decade now, and cannot imagine a life without doing so.

I strive to instill a sense of independent musicianship, self-discipline and a life-long appreciation for the arts in each person I work with.

Continue on to find out what student ages I typically work with, parent testimonials and more regarding my piano and horn background.

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WI Music Ventures

Wisconsin Music Ventures

Performance + Education + Wanderlust

Motivating musicians and audiences to experience inspiring performance environments by partnering with unlikely local destinations.

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Music Biz & Banter

Music Biz & Banter is a business-focused meetup group open to any type of musician or music influencer in Milwaukee area.

Its mission is to strengthen the administrative, organizational and networking skills of the average working musician – so that we as a community can improve our efficiency, maximize our income streams and thus, improve our creative output.

Let’s get connected, learn from and inspire each other, and continue to invigorate the Milwaukee area’s thriving music scene!

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Recent Blog Posts

On Gratitude

Be Grateful.

I’m nearing the end here, with my special words – and gratitude is a crucial one. I’m needing to remember this one quite a bit lately, in fact.

Why Wisconsin Music Ventures; Why Now?

It’s happening, it’s in the works – programming is going to be determined and publicized shortly. Wisconsin Music Ventures is a real thing, you guys – and it is going to be extraordinary. 

Nō Studios – Live Streamed Interview

I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a part of Nō Studios’ live streamed interview lineup, showcasing some of their fascinating members, happening this Saturday. 

If you’ve been looking around this website at all, you’ve got an idea of what I may discuss – so I’m excited to announce some future plans on a bit of a bigger stage, if you will.