WI Music Ventures

Wisconsin Music Ventures

Performance + Education + Wanderlust

Motivating musicians and audiences to experience inspiring performance environments by partnering with unlikely local destinations.

Wisconsin Music Ventures will begin programs in July 2019.

Bikes at Holy Hill
Taken at Holy Hill in Hubertus, Wisconsin. Photo credit: Nick Schweitzer.

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WMV Plans:

  • Masterclasses and Other Peer-To-Peer Performance Experiences for Teens
  • Music Theory Classes for Teens
  • Small, Exclusive Concerts put on by Professional Musicians for the General Public
  • Small, Exclusive Family Music Events
  • A separate website of its own, so Allison can feel more organized! Until then, this will have to do.

Events will be held primarily outdoors, featuring acoustic instruments. Attendees will be encouraged to walk, hike or bike to performance destinations. There will be an element of mystery regarding each event location.

Expect it to be fun. Expect it to be different. Expect the unexpected.