Hi! I’m Allison.

I’m a musician, teacher and entrepreneur from Wauwatosa, WI.

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  • A Decision, A Holiday, Some Events

    A Decision, A Holiday, Some Events

    It’s been a minute! Some updates, roughly in chronological order: …That’s the news that’s fit to print, so to speak. Happy Friday!

  • Thanks for the Visit, UW-Oshkosh

    Thanks for the Visit, UW-Oshkosh

    Earlier this week I have myself a lovely drive up to the great city of Oshkosh, Wisconsin – to visit a college campus I’ve grown quite familiar with, yet had never been to in-person until this week. Over at Wisconsin Music Ventures I’ve been grateful to UW-Oshkosh for supplying me with most of my part-time […]

  • The Power of Podcasts

    The Power of Podcasts

    Podcasts have been beyond influential for me… They have educated me in ways I never thought possible, and connected me with people I would’ve never been introduced to any other way. Long ago – it seems – I began consuming podcasts as I was doing more pursuit of work as a professional horn player. This […]

  • Thanks for the Visit, Millikin

    Thanks for the Visit, Millikin

    Today I returned home from a lovely visit to Decatur, Illinois. I was there to speak with music business students at Millikin University. Those I talked with run a student-led venue/project called Arts Cafe, on their own campus. They’re getting the experience of putting shows together for their own community, in a very hands-on way. […]

  • WMV Origins

    WMV Origins

    Yesterday I was filling in information for a profile being done on me, as an entrepreneur. I’ve been a part of these things occasionally, mostly in the form of podcast interviews. This one will be written/online. It’s always a little interesting to me, recalling how and why I began the business. WMV was initially intended […]