Symposium of Sound

Up to eight musicians may sign-up. Their families and/or friends are welcome to attend, and listen. Other onlookers may come through.

A topic will be pre-selected (i.e. Bach, French music, pieces about spring, music originally written for bassoon, etc.). Students on ANY instrument may take turns performing a prepared piece for the guest masterclass leader. They will be expected to do the following things:

  • Discuss the preparation process for the performance, including how and what they worked on along the way
  • Discuss the composer’s background
  • Give constructive feedback to others on their prepared music

Students will be encouraged to walk, bike or hike to the performance destination, depending on where it is located, within a particular venue.

While geared toward youth musicians, these will be open to any current student.

There will be a fee for students to participate; check the event details.