• I teach weekly piano lessons using a variety of methods, supporting etudes and solos, depending on the age/level of the student.
  • Some of my current students play as accompanists, in school jazz bands, pit orchestras, etc. Music for upcoming performances typically takes precedence over regular lesson material; the beauty of holding weekly lessons is that there will be time to get to it all!
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My Performance Background:

  • My background is in church music. I started off playing for wedding ceremonies, occasionally funerals, ultimately becoming a church music director. I’m very familiar with service music planning and playing.
  • I’ve played for local fundraising events hosted by non-profits such as the Ronald McDonald House and My Good Mourning Place.
  • I have also done a lot of accompanying – of solo instrumentalists, choirs, etc.

“Hello, my name is Katie Varoski and I am 15 years old. I have been doing private piano lessons with Mrs. Ally since I was in kindergarten, about 6 years old. I love doing piano lessons and working with Mrs. Ally. She is so kind, patient, and a great teacher. I am very thankful to have such a kind and patient teacher as Mrs. Ally. She is a great role model and is very successful at what she does. I’m so proud of her for all the great things she has accomplished. I have done a lot of piano recitals through the years that I have been playing and enjoy doing them. I like doing recitals because it shows what I’ve been working on and is a way to present my hard work on  my piano songs. I get to spend extra time with Mrs. Ally by organizing her music books and putting them into an online spreadsheet for a place for all her music.”

-Katie, Freshman at Wauwatosa West High School, 2022


To find out if we’re a good fit for lessons, send me a message. I’ll respond with specifics.

“My son Gabriel has been taking piano lessons from Allison for approximately eight years. We live in Waterford and started with Allison when she had a studio in Wind Lake. When Allison moved we didn’t think twice about continuing lessons with her in Wauwatosa. Gabriel loved going to lessons and learned so much each week. Allison is a wonderful teacher as well as has realistic expectations of the children she teaches. She has been a support for him since he began pursuing chorus last year, through middle school. I truly believe the amount of time and talent Allison puts into her program has been a motivator for Gabe’s love of piano, singing, and music. The recitals, MAPTA program and workshops she has done have instilled great confidence in Gabe. We love going to the recitals to see our son perform and the progress he makes from year to year.

Allison is very organized and uses a program, Fons, for scheduling and payment. This program is extremely user-friendly and makes scheduling and payment a breeze.

I am sure Gabe will continue lessons with Allison through high school!”

-Laura from Waterford, 2018