Firefly Brass Duo

FBD Bio:

Emmy Rozanski and Allison M. Schweitzer have been performing together for decades, whether they realized it or not – both having grown up actively participating in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra’s various ensembles, at the same time.

While they didn’t come to know each other then, they found each other as adults in 2019 when they were simultaneously looking to improve their musicianship, business skills and networks.

The first Firefly Brass Duo performance was an outdoor event in July, 2020. Audience members drove up to Emmy’s longtime Wauwatosa front yard and opened their windows to listen; some stepped outside of their cars. All involved were careful, due to the growing spread of COVID-19. At the same time, all involved were grateful for something that resembled normalcy: the joy, entertainment and comfort of live [brass] music.

Emmy and Allison have continued to play music together ever since.

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