Current Students


  • 6/3/19: Public booking is back on! I’ve opened up some earlier times on Wednesdays for daytime lessons.
  • 5/20/19: At this time of year there are a lot of schedule changes for students. Because of this, I’ve turned off the ability for you to self-change/schedule lessons in Fons, since there are a lot of questions out about who’s moving to what time, etc. Hope to have it all figured out soon.
  • 3/17/19: I am back to the point where I’m accepting new students again, but I am working off of a waiting list. Going forward, I will continue to take new students, but am working from a waiting list situation. If there is a younger sibling at your home that you think is interested in piano, the earlier you can let me know, the better.
  • 3/4/19: I have been told about a Story & Clark upright piano that is for sale, for $100 (and the buyer takes care of the moving of the instrument). It looks to be in good condition. E-mail me for photos/seller contact info.
  • 2/26/19: If you receive lesson cancellation notices from me, please look carefully at the date. It is not likely to be the upcoming lesson – I’m usually planning well in advance.

Fons Scheduling

  • Lesson Availability on Fons
  • YouTube Video: Put Fons App on Your Phone
  • If you are using Fons on your mobile device and the screen goes blank OR you’re getting an error message, try clearing your browsing history and then re-launching the program. That should do it. They’re troubleshooting some things and hope to have this bug fixed soon.

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