Hi! I’m Allison.

I’m a musician, teacher and entrepreneur from Wauwatosa, WI.

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  • On Being Active

    On Being Active

    Getting back to my teaching philosophy of sorts and the acronym that spells out important values to me, A is the initial of the second word – and it stands for being “Active.” To me, this means a whole lot of things… Being active in obvious ways is important – physically being one, and mental […]

  • Music Library Online

    Music Library Online

    A project that one of my teenage piano students has been working on with me is to get my piano music library documented, organized and available for students (and whomever else) to view online, so as to be able to borrow music, try it out, etc. Katie was over again yesterday, and I think we’ve […]

  • Happy Anniversary To My Parents

    Happy Anniversary To My Parents

    Today I’d like to give a special shout out to Bruce & Holly – the two people that brought me into this world. Today marks their 42nd wedding anniversary. Not only have they managed to stay married that long, they’ve managed to stay married that long after having had a ridiculously ’80s wedding… The brown […]

  • WMV Origins

    WMV Origins

    Yesterday I was filling in information for a profile being done on me, as an entrepreneur. I’ve been a part of these things occasionally, mostly in the form of podcast interviews. This one will be written/online. It’s always a little interesting to me, recalling how and why I began the business. WMV was initially intended […]

  • On Creativity

    On Creativity

    When it comes to Principles I Promote in Performance & Practice, Creativity is the first word in the acronym “CARRIAGE” which I use – a term that “can carry you through music and life.” I was born into a family of real creative people. My mother was a longtime art teacher (also a flute player), […]