Music Business

For a long time – really, all my adult life, I’ve lived by the axiom “work hard, play hard.” COVID-19 has affected every single one of us in substantial ways, whether we’ve contracted the virus or not. I’ve personally chosen to use this time at home for making some big routine and lifestyle changes; a bit of a rebranding, if you will. While it’s not as catchy, something along the lines of “work efficiently, live effectively.”

Time had gotten the better of me, for a bit – but here we are, in the midst of the coronavirus era… Time at home is, well, less sparse – to say the least! 

A while back I had a music business-based networking group going, which had different components to it. While I really enjoyed organizing those events, they became entirely too time-consuming – and as I’ve been making progress in other areas of work, I need to be careful of my commitments. 

This does not mean I am going to limit my music business education goals – for myself, and really, for others.