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I’m a musician, teacher and entrepreneur from Wauwatosa, WI.

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  • Failure: It’s About Perspective

    Failure: It’s About Perspective

    Those of us in the Milwaukee area have been a little disappointed that our beloved Milwaukee Bucks did not get as far as we might’ve expected in the NBA playoffs. Some of those people might even be wearing their Bucks gear and blogging about their disappointment at this very moment. [ahem] But really, this video… […]

  • Activism in Music

    Activism in Music

    In tributes being paid in memoriam to the late Harry Belifonte, a recurring theme I’ve been hearing is about the activist side of the musician – almost moreso that than the music. My friend, Harry Belafonte, was truly a man of cause, conviction and principle. Besides being a great entertainer, he was a major political […]