Hello! I’m Allison.

I’m a musician, teacher and entrepreneur from Wauwatosa, WI.

As a musician I’m trained in horn, piano, voice and conducting. I’ve been teaching private horn, piano and some voice lessons since 2008, and continue to perform on those instruments on a freelance basis.

Encouraging young people to reach their greatest potential in music while also supporting balance with academics, athletics, other extracurriculars and community involvement is extremely important to me. As one who has always had a “portfolio musician career” I appreciate the art of doing multiple things at once. Since 2019 I’ve continued to teach privately and perform occasionally as I simultaneously operate my own live music business.

Becoming a Teacher

I’ll admit it… I never expected to become a teacher! In 2007 I’d started a regular gig as a singer and keyboardist in Wind Lake, WI. Not long after I’d taken that role, a parent who’d seen and heard me play asked if I’d consider teaching piano to his three children. Whoa! My initial reaction: “Kids are awesome, I know music well, and I sure could use some extra cash… let’s give this a whirl!” 

Word spread. Other parents started asking me if I would work with their children… Ultimately I decided it was time to start my own studio in Wind Lake. After a couple years and various life changes, it made more sense to host my studio in Wauwatosa, where I continue to instruct on piano, horn, and occasionally voice – the instruments I’ve spent much time on, as a student and performer.

In 2008 I began pursuing my master’s degree in music/choral conducting, which then led me to my first classroom setting job at a school and church in Milwaukee. I’ve continued to instruct within educational environments in various capacities, experiencing successes with school music programs I’ve been privileged to be a part of: Mt. Olive in Milwaukee, Martin Luther High School in Greendale and now Pius XI in Milwaukee.

My mother is actually a teacher, as well – now retired. It’s been a joy to carry on in her footsteps, in a way. In fact, my parents met as a result of my aunt (dad’s sister, also a teacher) and my mom being on staff together at the same school, way back when. Aunt Chris had set the two of them up… The rest is history!

I love teaching, both in the classroom and privately. Being able to work one-on-one with students allows me to adapt to their individual personalities and needs. I have spent a lot of time networking with other teachers, attending workshops, learning methods and repertoire, volunteering with places such as the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, 88 Nine Radio Milwaukee, etc. I want to be a well-connected, resourceful teacher for my students and their families. I take it seriously, with the expectation that my students will as well.

So, I guess I’m a teacher… And I wouldn’t have it any other way.