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Lessons from Jelly Roll

Livestream. Pre-Orders. Shopify. It was all a part of one musician’s campaign to hype his new album via a 4/20 event. It’s stories like Jelly Roll‘s that come across as intimidating to a lot of independent artists, at first. He did what, with how many different platforms, how?

It’s always interesting to me, learning how bigger artists plan their campaigns. That Single article does a nice job of explaining the process (of course, they may have a vested interest).

Takeaways for me, that local-level artists can learn from, are as follows:

  • Whatever you do, collect data along the way (e-mail addresses, phone numbers for texting campaigns, etc.). If you are holding an event, be it online or in-person, if you don’t collect contact information for future communications and/or sales along the way, it’s a missed opportunity.
  • Jelly Roll was very authentic in his live stream, allowing fans to get so close to him and chat with him as they watched him get high on his livestream… Hey, to each his own – the point here is that he created an intimate, memorable experience in which true fans could participate. No better way to reward true fans, much less keep them around.
  • Promotion of the livestream/Q&A session was done in a big way, via a massive banner on his website’s homepage. Use all the tools available on your website – if you have a big event or release coming up, get the banner happening.

I encourage artists to check into Single. It’s one of many options out there, for streaming/online stores – another point of overwhelm for artists, I know.

Seems as though the results of Jelly Roll’s event were strong, and the effort he actually had to put in, live, was minimal. I’d be curious to find out how the data gets collected, and how it integrates to other programs – but otherwise, looks like it was a great experience. And pre-orders… Are HUGE. Well-played.

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