Hi! I’m Allison.

I’m a musician, teacher and entrepreneur from Wauwatosa, WI.

WMV Origins

Yesterday I was filling in information for a profile being done on me, as an entrepreneur. I’ve been a part of these things occasionally, mostly in the form of podcast interviews. This one will be written/online.

It’s always a little interesting to me, recalling how and why I began the business.

WMV was initially intended to be an extension of my private instruction. Original events offered were family-friendly, masterclasses and outdoor music theory classes – in addition to pop-up concerts.

As things moved along, while some of the educational events did OK, the more general events were better attended. That is where the focus went, as a result. But, I do still like to ensure there is an element of education incorporated in what WMV is all about.

When COVID came around not long after WMV’s inception (first event was July 2019), the educational portion of what we were doing became geared more toward musicians we’d worked with, to that point. Ultimately additional musicians became involved in what we started offering.

I also began WMV because I was getting frustrated with several years of medical challenges that were affecting my horn playing. They were getting in the way of what I could do as a performer and music director, really. Not seeing a clear path forward with those roles anymore, I took the things I knew how to do – plus a few that I didn’t – and that is how WMV was born.

It’s not been easy, doing this work. It’s not been easy, doing this through a global pandemic. But I’m grateful, nonetheless, to have the opportunity to do this great work, with the people that I do. Music is an incredible force… as are the people supplying it.





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