Sheboogie in Sheboygan

There’s a new movement in Sheboygan, WI to bring in more jazz to their scene. “Sheboogie” Jazz Connection is where it’s coming from.

Local high school jazz pianist George Phillips is the one taking the lead on this – and it is quite the undertaking, indeed. George is looking to develop Sheboygan’s jazz scene through the pros as well as the students, connecting musicians with audience members as well as memorable moments for all involved.

Over the weekend I attended a Jazz Flux performance that had been listed on the Sheboogie calendar of events. This was held at Paradigm Coffee & Music, right in downtown Sheboygan.

Jazz Flux was extremely entertaining to watch… One of the most animated jazz ensembles I have ever heard. They truly looked as though they were having a blast, in both performing together and for the audience. Their musicianship was very high-level – so much fun to watch. I’ve always been annoyed with jazz musicians… They make really difficult music appear effortless to play. Jazz Flux was no exception to this. This group has chops. Could’ve used a little polishing on their endings of some selections, but overall the rest was so much fun, it didn’t seem to matter too much!

This was my first time visiting Paradigm as a music venue. I was curious how horns (sax) would come off in there, as it’s a very live room with hard surfaces. Sitting in the middle of the space, it was a perfect sound.

I look forward to learning about more events related to the Sheboogie initiative. I think they’re on to something! The audience of about 50 people in Sheboygan on Saturday night really seemed to think so, as well. Good luck, George – and congrats on the success you’ve had this far!

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