Shout-Out to Sheboygan

In recent months I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work out of the great city of Sheboygan, in addition to WMV‘s homebase of Wauwatosa.

Did you all know how cool Sheboygan is?!

I’ve been on the sub list as a horn player for the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra for the last five years or so. While there for my audition/rehearsals/concerts I was always in town at night, and quite honestly – in through the backstage door of the Weill Center, then right back out. I did not spend time checking out the area – it was a gig.

Looking back, wow… Was I missing out! I’m so grateful the opportunity came our way for WMV to collaborate with Jake’s Cafe/Lakeland University. Since working out of that space about once a week, and visiting area businesses around town, I have to say… AMAZING.

I’m blown away by the trendiness that is coming out of the area. Besides having extraordinary access to Lake Michigan, they have a growing live music scene, restaurants and cafes that are surprisingly progressive and other shops and specialty businesses (bike, interior design, etc.) that just make your heart melt when you walk in. They’ve got the vibe and product of big cities, but the warmth of the great people of Sheboygan, running it all.

Yesterday I took a walk from Jake’s to the lakefront and back, as this incredible stretch of weather has left me feeling as though I have no choice but to hang with Mother Nature a bit.

What’s YOUR favorite part about Sheboygan?






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