Allison’s Music Hustle

When I was actively on social media, particularly on Facebook, for a little while I had a group going called “Allison’s Music Hustle” which would include my daily take on what I was up to (video update), music news I was learning about, and noticing what others were doing, as well. I encouraged other musicians to connect through the group – sometimes visiting with them live on video.

It was a lot of fun, but it got to be a little too much fun. It began overtaking my work time – I felt the need to constantly be managing it, connecting, coming up with ideas, etc. It also kept me on social media so frequently that it became a nuisance in my life. I dissolved the group, despite how enjoyable it often was. Was it the right thing to do? Sometimes I still wonder… But, as I’ve moved away from being on social media as a whole since then, the end was in sight one way or another.

Now I’ll take the same title, and use it for a bit of a music reviewing concept. I’m still debating the tagline, but this is was I’m thinking for now:

Allison’s Music Hustle / Always Listening

What do you think?

I was at an event last weekend that I can’t wait to write about.

Stay tuned.





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