Music Biz Book Group Announcement

How to Make It in the New Music BusinessGuess what.. I have started a music business book group via my Studio AMS Facebook page! I’ve tried this sort of concept before, and run book groups as in-person meetups. This time, it will all be done online. The group will be organized through Facebook, ultimately meeting on Zoom. This will continue to be an online group, even after this COVID-19 mess (when will that actually be?), so that anyone from anywhere can participate in the discussion.

We’ll meet on the fourth Sunday of the month at 11:30 AM, CST. Join in the conversation by joining this group, a subset of my Studio AMS Facebook page. The events will be posted there.

Now, let’s get started. The first author to be featured I have been excited about since I heard him on this podcast: Mr. Ari Herstand (here’s his website).  His book is huge – a master resource. But, what better time to read an extremely thorough, very current, 472-page book than when stuck at home during a pandemic? Bring it on: How to Make It in the New Music Business

The first online meetup is Sunday, May 24th – 11:30 AM. I’ve already got a couple takers. Get ahold of a copy of the book yourself. Read as much of it as you can, then we’ll discuss together. Are you in?