A Little Rebranding

2020 CalendarFor a long time – really, all my adult life, I’ve lived by the axiom “work hard, play hard.” COVID-19 has affected every single one of us in substantial ways, whether we’ve contracted the virus or not. I’ve personally chosen to use this time at home for making some big routine and lifestyle changes; a bit of a rebranding, if you will. While it’s not as catchy, something along the lines of “work efficiently, live effectively.”

Now going by Allison Emm on social media, for the most part. This is for a variety of reasons. “M” is my middle initial… Just spelling it out, y’all. Nothing fancy. May consider this my business/stage name, so to speak. Still going by Mrs. Schweitzer with students, and using my formal name for other private gigs, etc.

Saying good-bye to working weekday mornings… for good! I’ve tried to do this on multiple occasions, and had never totally been successful. But being at home now, sitting in front of my computer for – some days, no joke – 12 hours straight in the same exact spot – really made me realize I cannot work typical business hours and music world hours. So, I’m learning to delegate morning tasks and/or have (and enforce) boundaries, for once and for all.

I’ve spent a lot of this time almost in a personal retreat – and will continue to do so for as long as possible. Learning to live more simply, appreciatively, and naturally – less chaotically… I guess a quarantine can be good for that! Determining what routines I need to be successful, and what that “play hard” lifestyle I’d become accustomed to really kept me from. Finding balance.

Coronavirus – in a way, I’m grateful.


  1. Trudy Schmalz

    Yes to balance! God’s peace!

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