Studio AMS Music Business Resource Share

Music Biz Resource GroupTime had gotten the better of me, for a bit – but here we are, in the midst of the coronavirus era… Time at home is, well, less sparse – to say the least!

A while back I had a music business-based networking group going, which had different components to it. While I really enjoyed organizing those events, they became entirely too time-consuming – and as I’ve been making progress in other areas of work, I need to be careful of my commitments.

This does not mean I am going to limit my music business education goals – for myself, and really, for others. I’ll be starting to offer some music business coaching opportunities geared toward high school and college-aged students. And the more I thought about it, as I’ve been hosting a myriad of Zoom private lessons lately, it occurred to me: “Why don’t I start a Facebook group – through my studio page – that can serve as a music business resource share for my friends and students.” This is the resulting page. Join, if you’re interested!

I will start up a book club concept, through this group, as well. The book club will meet together on the fourth Sunday of the month, at 11:30 PM CST, on Zoom – so, it is open to anyone anywhere. The first meeting will be on May 24th. No cost for this. I already have my first book in mind… more on that, shortly. 😉