On Being Interesting

Be Interesting.

It’s the fifth term in that good ol’ carriage acronym of mine, and it might be one of my favorites.

As musicians, if we’ve gotten far enough along and are actually making a living in music, that’s pretty interesting in and of itself. To non-musicians, it’s very different – our lifestyles are tough to understand, and often seem like they’re carefree and fun. WE, however, know the realities. It IS fun, but it’s also exhausting, crazy hours, almost zero routine, etc.

I digress. Once one is at the level of being a full-time musician, though, it’s very easy to become somewhat “cookie cutter” within that field (as it likely is in any profession).

Setting yourself apart will not only get you noticed, it will draw people TO you. If you are doing something different, something interesting, you will get the attention of those around you. This is also relevant to college and internship applications.

Side note: I’m working on a project that I’m really excited about, that is just about ready for public knowledge, that will be fantastic. Something for my students, other young musicians, and other musicians in general to potentially get in on.

The focus is on live music presented in a very different and interesting sort of experience.

More to come, soon… I am pumped!

One of my favorite singers EVER – not just locally, although she does happen to be a Milwaukee area performer, is Robin Pluer. I have been in love with her voice for at least the last fifteen years. I cannot remember where or when I first heard her, but Bastille Days is one of my absolute favorite Milwaukee festivals and she has been a staple there for decades. I also recall hearing her while out for brunch with friends at Anaba Tea in Shorewood, when that was around, and other similar events. She is incredible.

Robin Pluer

Robin has this “interesting” concept down, to a T. She sews her own dresses, creates her own “look” in general – makeup, hats, and so on. The woman can bust out an accordion, guitar, probably other instruments on which to accompany herself. Her stage presence and spiel is just adorable… you cannot not be drawn in. There is no doubt in my mind, how she got to be so renown throughout the midwest – she is extremely skilled, but she is also extremely interesting. And to top it off, she is truly gracious – but that’s a term for a blog post at a future time 😉

My orchestra had the distinct pleasure of accompanying her in a concert of French love songs, about a month ago now, for Valentine’s Day weekend. That was such a highlight of my horn playing career! What a treat, to be a part of that dress rehearsal to find out how she puts it all together. Wow.

I’ll close this post with a YouTube video that is just delightful, for this topic: Robin Pluer, accompanied by the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra. So many interesting things, all in one video!