Showin’ the Quintet Some Love

ALB Quintet
A photo of a photo. How meta! Here we are, mid-set during cocktail hour at a wedding reception we were hired to play for last summer. Cheers!

I’ve been carrying around the photo pictured – yes, a real live printed photograph that someone actually handed to me – in my purse, for probably a month now.

Since I’m not used to actually having real live photographs, I must’ve forgotten about it. I saw it there today, and thought “man, this is worth a blog post.

My quintet, Avec le Bois (ALB), recently took part in a concert put on by the Concord Chamber Orchestra (CCO). Each January for a number of years now the CCO has hosted a chamber ensemble concert, at which every piece performed is done so by small ensemble. ALB has played for this event each year it’s been a thing. This year we selected Liadov’s Eight Russian Folk Dances, arranged for wind quintet, as our piece.

A wind quintet is not as common of a chamber ensemble as a string quartet or even brass quintet. But there are some really elegant and interesting pieces out there, much of them written specifically for our instrumentation (i.e. Barber’s Summer Music – which we recently undertook at one of our own recitals), worth hearing. It has been so fascinating to be a part of such an ensemble.

At our next get-together ALB will be planning for another recital. We’re currently taking venue suggestions; if you know of a great location in the Milwaukee area, we’ll consider it! We enjoyed our stint as a part of the concert series at St. Casimir in Riverwest, but we are checking into alternatives. We know this city has a lot to offer. 😉

Just had to give a quick shout out to my girls – Angie, Rita, Elsa and Christina. ALB formed in 2012. We’ve gotten to know each other well – those ladies are like family to me! Looking forward to what’s to come.