On Creativity

Art Institute
A view from inside the Art Institute of Chicago, taken 1/21/19.

Be Creative

It’s the first term in my carriage acronym – and if you’re one who ends up working in an arts-related field, it is a word that’s often guiding a lot of your thoughts and decisions… or is it?

A lot of us creative-types started off in the right direction, realizing that we belong doing something expressive – but ultimately we ended up in fairly regimented roles.

In theater, dance, and orchestral music – it is our job to interpret the rules (the score, the script) under the guidance of the director (conductor, choreographer). There is actually little room for creativity, unless you’re the choreographer, director, conductor or composer. And even in some of those roles, one might be limited – by what sells, by what the board prefers, by what will get funding.

How is it that we can then stay inspired, and continually feel creative?

Personally, I am so right-brained I’m not sure I have anything on the left. I need to find an outlet for that creative side. This is in large part why I have started this website, put more efforts into my studio, and have additional things coming down the pike. Creating things, building things – now we’re talkin’!

(I also believe the reason I ended up in the field of church music as a musician/conductor is because it really satisfies a creative hunger; every week there is new music that needs to be performed… and a lot of it!)

Beyond finding creativity in vocation, I’m a big proponent of seeking out creativity – so as to continually be inspired. We in the Milwaukee area have access to a rich and extremely accessible arts scene. There are a variety of fantastic theater groups, galleries, museums, dance groups, orchestras and ensembles in this town. If work or even life in general is limiting how creative you can be, consider putting yourself in a creative atmosphere. It can be incredibly refreshing!

On Monday (MLK Day) my husband and I drove to Chicago, since both of us had off for the day. Whenever we head to downtown Chicago, it’s mandatory (in my mind) to stop at the Art Institute. The building itself is so majestic and noteworthy, much less the featured exhibits. And on that particular day, there were special presentations and displays to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Talk about inspiration… It was such an endearing day. I’m grateful to have been there. Creativity abounded, in many different forms.