January 2019

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On Saturday, February 16th the orchestra I play with – the Menomonee Falls Symphony Orchestra – will be performing its annual Valentine’s concert (following an always luxurious buffet-style dinner) at the Silver Spring Country Club. This year’s guest artist is renown singer Robin Pluer, who will lead the audience through “A Lover’s Night in Paris.” 

Be Resourceful.

I’m a word nerd, truth be told. I love looking up definitions of words, so as to be able to use them in their most effective way. The Merriam-Webster definition of the word “resourceful” is as follows:

Able to meet situations : capable of devising ways and means.

Be Active.

Today the school that I teach at part-time is closed, due to severe cold temperatures. Many schools and other places will be closed multiple days this week, for record cold temps. What a great time to write on getting out and being active!

Be Creative. 

It’s the first term in my carriage acronym – and if you’re one who ends up working in an arts-related field, it is a word that’s often guiding a lot of your thoughts and decisions… or is it?

Recently I clarified this page entitled “Principles I Promote in Performance & Practice.” Find out why I feel strongly that these eight words are important, as a musician.